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Asli - Makes Me Move --- mp3

Asli - Springsequence (Westpark Unit Remix) --- mp3

Orang Volante - Glengoyne--- mp3

Asli - Springsequence --- mp3

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The translation for Orang Asli means “original peoples” in Malay. In this case Orang
Asli is the symbiosis of two upcoming Icelandic producers/DJs Asli & Orang Volante.

“You sound like you´re from Detroit” is a quote that both heard quite a few times in their
musically career. It´s just unbelievable how soulful and smooth these two guys take
deep/techhouse to another level.

Especially Asli aka DJ JonFri isn´t a No-Name in the House/Techno circle. With his
releases on Mikrolux, Fragile or the “Slow City Life EP” on Thugfucker Records, a lot
of big DJ names like Laurent Garnier, Alex from Tokyo, Timewriter, Will Saul or
Jimpster sent their props to Reykjavik. With a tune included on french famous Trax
Magazine, Asli also made his name across the borders of beautiful Iceland.

Farside Records proudly announces three Orang Asli trax, plus a Westpark Unit
Remix on the “Glengoyne Spring EP”. Somewhere between Deep-Tech House
“Makes Me Move” features the voice of icelands Pop & DJ star Paul Oscar, keeps
growing and growing with its warm synths and explodes after the drop while setting
every deeper floor on fire. Stunningly beautiful and kicking!

“Glengoyne” comes along very cool, not just because of its nice title (an old Irish
whiskey). Still melancholic, “Glengoyne” is easy bouncing somewhere between
minimal and deep house with a smooth dubby vibe. Sexy!!

In “Springsequence” the Icelandic spring does not stay in contrast to the continental
autumn musically. Beautifully melodic with great synths, I can´t do anything else, but to
just love and praise the deepness of this song. When the old school piano drops in the
second part of the track, it´s just the essence of housemusic. Brilliant!

Westpark Unit´s Herb LF & Ingo Sänger don´t want to just add something to the
beautiful vibe of the original version. They try to push their „Springsequence“ remix
into a whole different direction. With a dry bassline, a killer synth, warm Rhodes and
some funk here and there, they consequently working on their mission putting dopehouse
on the map. Jeep, jeepin´ on!

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